How to Make a Wood Frame for a Map Print


Tools Needed:

  • Minwax Clear Aerosol Lacquer
  • Minwax Polyshades Aerosol
  • Aerosol adhesive
  • Birch plywood backing
  • Pine molding

Appalachian trail map print ready for wood framing

My son Eric likes to hike, so when I spotted this map of the Appalachian Trail, I knew he would love to have it hanging in his apartment.

1. Seal plywood with aerosol lacquer

Piece of cut birch plywood sealed with Minwax Clear Aerosol Lacquer

I started by cutting a piece of birch plywood the same size as the map, then sealing it with Minwax Clear Aerosol Lacquer.

2. Spray sealed wood with aerosol adhesive

Use aerosol adhesive to secure map print to birch plywood backing

The lacquer dried quickly, after which I sprayed the sealed wood with a coat of aerosol adhesive, then pressed the map onto the wet glue.

3. Construct a frame and apply finish

Cut pieces of pine molding to make the map frame

I then cut some pine molding to start making the frame….

Applying stain and polyurethane in one step with Minwax Polyshades… and applied my stain and polyurethane finish quickly and easily in just one step with Minwax Polyshades.

4. Attach the frame to the backing

Tacking stained, finished wood molding pieces to plywood backingOnce it dried, I tacked the frame pieces onto the plywood backing.

Hanging finished wood map frame on wall

Which made this both an easy and inexpensive project for Eric, who is on the right in our family picture hanging in his apartment.

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