A Fish Story: One That Didn’t Get Away


A few years ago Leigh Ann and I bought this fish bench from a roadside artist, not because we needed another bench, but because we loved the hand-painted rainbow trout. Last week, however, I noticed the finish and the paint beginning to flake off under the intense sun, so decided I need to take action to save it.

I started by laying out some cedar boards on my garage workbench to create a new, simple back that I assembled with some exterior glue and wood screws.

Since cedar has a great deal of natural oil, I selected Minwax® Helmsman® Teak Oil as a finish, knowing it would penetrate deep into the raw cedar, where it would dry, harden, and protect the wood.

I removed the four screws holding on the fish and used them to attach the new back. Right now the fresh cedar looks obviously new, but since cedar naturally darkens as it ages, in just a few weeks time it will match the older boards in the seat.

As for my 48″ long rainbow trout, he is now hanging on the wall of our boathouse, where he is well protected from both the rain and the sun.

Until next week,

Measure twice, saw once.