A Great Time at the Renegade Craft Fair


Renegade Craft Fair Entrance

I undertook my first wood staining and finishing project back in high school, long before craft projects and water-based products had captured everyone’s attention. Events like the popular two-day Renegade Craft Fair held in Seattle simply did not exist, so it was exciting for me to come out and take part in such a lively event last month.

Bruce Johnson with a Minwax fan and a dog

Bruce Johnson with fans and a dog

Seattle and the Renegade Craft Fair are definitely dog-friendly places, and as someone who lives with two rescue dogs (Daisy and Jasper think they rescued me!), it was fun to observe the assortment of dogs and dog owners filing by our booth.

Minwax Booth at the Renegade Craft Fair

The Minwax® team came out to the Renegade Craft Fair to demonstrate how far our line of products had come in providing DIYers and crafters with stains that go far beyond traditional wood tone colors and finishes that dry in minutes, not hours.

Minwax Finishing Cloths

By far the most exciting product that everyone loved was Wood Finishing Cloths. Eight pre-moistened cloths containing both a water based stain and finish now come in a re-sealable plastic package rather than a traditional metal can.

Bruce Johnson using Minwax finishing cloths at the Renegade Craft Fair

Give me a piece of wood and an opportunity to share everything I know about staining and finishing, and I really get excited. We had questions ranging from how to restore a vintage wooden shaft golf club to how to clean and refresh dirty kitchen cabinets – without refinishing!

Bruce Johnson chatting with Fair goersSunday night came faster than we expected, as we were still fielding questions right up to when the crew arrived to start dismantling the Minwax® booth. And while I still had lots of questions about the traditional oil-based stains and finishes I had learned to use in high school, it was quite clear that the people at the Renegade Craft Fair were excited to try our new line of fast-drying water-based stains and finishes.

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