Monthly Archives: December 2015

Celebrating Family Heritage — and Holidays

With the last name of Johnson, you might not be surprised at our family’s Swedish heritage. After coming across this slightly-faded Swedish flag, I decided to make a special holiday gift for each of my two sons by combining the flag design with a hundred-year-old Swedish needlepoint
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Three Organization Tips for Your Garage

We all need a place to work on our projects, and most often that is our garage. But if you are a “saver” like me (occasionally called a “hoarder’), sometimes we can’t find room for even a small project — let alone a car — as Leigh Ann has often reminded me. I finally solved the
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How To: Make a Stowaway Bench for your Entryway

Project Level: Intermediate

This stowaway bench is a versatile piece of furniture that you can use as a resting spot and as storage. Open the lid and you can cut the clutter near your door by keeping shoes, boots, umbrellas, and more organized. Shut the lid, and you’ve got a place
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