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A Polyshades Picture Frame

Every father loves a phone call from his son, but last week’s call from Eric out in Salt Lake City made me feel especially proud. Seems he is going to a friend’s wedding next month, but rather than pick something from the bridal registry, he bought them an original print — and asked
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Custom Mixing Stains

Not long ago a friend made me some unfinished oak picture frames, which I carefully set aside in my garage work area until I had time to stain and finish them the exact color I wanted. I planned to display three of them over an antique Arts and Crafts china cabinet in my
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Lights ! Cameras !! Action !!!

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes for one of those popular do-it-yourself segments we all enjoy watching? I recently was asked to appear alongside Diana Pierce, co-anchor of KARE-11 in Minneapolis, where I shared some tips for turning garage sale discards into something unique and useful for your home. If you’d like a glimpse behind the curtain, just take a peek here.

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