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Create a Quick Workbench for Your Shop

Sometimes our regular workbench becomes so loaded with projects that we can’t move forward, especially when we need room for some staining and finishing.

When that happened to me recently, I had an idea. I set up two of my folding sawhorses, laid our stepladder across them, and used
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Get Organized with This Vinyl Storage Project

If you have somebody in your family who just can’t let go of their collection of vintage albums, you just might be able to help them keep their collection organized — and easier to enjoy!

In our house, I happen to be the vintage record collector, so I started by taking my measurements
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An Easy to Create Organizer for Your Office

After finding these inexpensive reproduction metal cans in a gift shop, I attached them to pieces of reclaimed pallet boards – each with a single screw – and hung them on my office wall. I use the one on the right for pens and pencils and the one on the left for outgoing mail.

A Great Time at the Renegade Craft Fair

Renegade Craft Fair Entrance

I undertook my first wood staining and finishing project back in high school, long before craft projects and water-based products had captured everyone’s attention. Events like the popular two-day Renegade Craft Fair held in Seattle simply did not exist, so it was exciting for me
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