How to Stain Unfinished Oak Cabinets

Tools Needed:

  • Minwax Wood Finish
  • Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane
  • Natural bristle brush
  • Drop cloth
  • Disposable gloves
  • Dish pan

Unfinished oak cabinets before staining

I spend a lot of time in my garage workshop, and I also spend a lot of my time looking for bargains, so when these unfinished oak cabinets went on sale,
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Building and Staining a Single-Seat Porch Swing

By: April Wilkerson

How to Refurbish a Wood Bed Frame

Tools Needed:

  • Minwax Wood Cabinet Cleaner
  • Minwax Wood Finish Stain Marker
  • Minwax Clear Aerosol Lacquer
  • Synthetic pad
  • Hand towels

Antique family bed frame before refurb project

Many, many years ago my grandmother, Violet Hickok, gave me this antique hard maple bed for my first apartment. At that time she and I refinished it,
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