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Celebrating Family Heritage — and Holidays

With the last name of Johnson, you might not be surprised at our family’s Swedish heritage. After coming across this slightly-faded Swedish flag, I decided to make a special holiday gift for each of my two sons by combining the flag design with a hundred-year-old Swedish needlepoint
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Three Organization Tips for Your Garage

We all need a place to work on our projects, and most often that is our garage. But if you are a “saver” like me (occasionally called a “hoarder’), sometimes we can’t find room for even a small project — let alone a car — as Leigh Ann has often reminded me. I finally solved the
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Kitchen Remodeling Salvage

When Leigh Ann and I remodeled our kitchen a year ago, we decided we did not need these two cherry roll top sections intended to hide some smaller kitchen appliances. After I had moved them around our garage one time too many, I had to make a decision: use them or lose them.

I picked
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Don’t Sand It, Revive It !

Years ago, when I ran a floor refinishing business in Iowa City, we didn’t have very many options. You simply used a floor until the finish was worn out, then you sanded and refinished it. My wife Leigh Ann’s veterinary clinic floor, however, was neither worn out nor in great condition,
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