An Easy Indoor Herb Garden



If you like to cook using fresh herbs, but don’t have a garden space, take a look at this project. You can make it with just a single board or two, ranging from a rustic barn board to a new piece of oak, which I am using. Since our kitchen trim is dark, I started by staining and finishing my boards in one step using Minwax® Polyshades® in “Mission Oak.”

3. Bracket

After my last coat dried, I attached three inexpensive hose clamps to the board with one small screw each.


I then placed some drainage stones in the bottom of three mason jars, and planted three popular herbs in them.


With a few turns of my screwdriver, each jar was secured to the board.

V ertical

The only thing left to do was to decide whether to hang our indoor herb garden on the wall vertically….

Horizon tal

Or horizontally. My solution: let Leigh Ann decide.

Be sure to check out Minwax’s new “Made With Love. Finished With Minwax.” campaign currently going on. The theme is ‘Find. Finish. Love.,’ celebrating the thrill of finding real wood pieces – sometimes in the least expected places – and the joy of making them into something we love.

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