Organizing Your Collection of Clamps


You can never have too many clamps, but keeping them organized and easy to reach can be a challenge. I find inexpensive used clamps at yard sales and flea markets. My method is to mount them on a board I attached to one end of my workbench with a few wood screws. Now whenever I need to apply pressure to a freshly glued joint, I can reach for whatever size clamp I need. Give it a try!

Thanks for stopping by! Bruce.

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  1. Gregg Keyes

    I have some questions. Can Min Wax wood hardener be used in vacuum infusion of wood? And if so, does it dry hard enough to be able to be polished after shaping and proper sanding?
    Also, will it react in water, such as turning milky white , after it is fully cured?
    Does it need to be heat treated after infusion to set the wood hardener, such as heating to 200 degrees F.?
    Thank you for your help.

    Gregg Keyes

    1. Bruce Johnson Post author

      Hey Gregg — sorry but your question is so technical that we need to direct you to a Minwax customer service representative who can be reached at 1.800.523.9299. Good luck with your project!

  2. doug timmer

    I stained some interior doors and wood (alder) trim with the oil clear Minwax stain (yellow can) and then put a lacquer (other brand) over the stain. The trouble is that the lacquer is easily scraped off (with your finger nail) and does not appear to be adhering very well. It stays on Ok until it is scraped and scratched, so it is not peeling. The lacquer is the Gemini 275 VOC Satin High Build clear Lacquer.

    Any suggestions as tot he cause of the problem and a solution as to what to do about it.

    1. Bruce Johnson Post author

      As you have discovered, Doug, lacquer is a highly sensitive finish and is most often used in controlled factory settings. You are correct in that the brand of lacquer you selected is not sticking to the different brand of Stain and that is what is causing the problem. Lacquer dries easily, it just doesn’t always stick easily. Unfortunately, time is not going to change that, so you’ll need to remove the lacquer either by sanding, scraping or with lacquer thinner, to solve the problem. Once you are back down to your Minwax Stain you can then choose one of the Minwax products as your finish, including Minwax Clear Brushing Lacquer or Minwax Clear Aerosol Lacquer. Both are designed to adhere to Minwax Stains. Good luck! -Bruce

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